Leke Rezniqi from Kosova speaks at the 100th Anniversary of Albania in Washington DC Nov. 28th 2012

28 November 2012

Prime Minister of Canada: “Following Nazi occupation in 1943, the Albanians refused to turn over lists of Jews within their borders.”

12 June 2012

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the following remarks at the 2012 National Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony:

“It is Besa, a code of honour, the highest ethical code in Albania.”


Jewish Survival in Albania & the Ethics of ‘Besa’

12 June 2012

Very few people know about the long history of Albanian religious tolerance and resistance to
oppression. Neither do they know that during World War II, all Jews who lived in Albania
or sought asylum in that country were saved from the ravages of the Holocaust. This infor-
mation was suppressed by the Stalinist Communist regime of Enver Hoxha, who controlled Albania
for 50 years.


“Honoring Countries that Saved Jewish Lives”—Congress Monthly

11 June 2012


I respond to Professor Lieberthal’s letter with great reluctance, because I do not want to compare heroisms or to create a hierarchy of heroisms and sufferings in response to the extermination of the Jewish people during the Nazi Holocaust.  Nothing can diminish Bulgaria’s saving of its 50,000 Jewish citizens, while it had a pact with the Axis powers.  Bulgarians throughout the world are to be applauded for what they did to rescue Jews during World War II, and also for working hard for many years as a nation to inform the international community about their role.


In memoriam Mustafa-Pasha (Asllan) Rezniqi (1924 – 2009)

28 May 2012

Në përkujtim Mustafa-Pashë (Asllan) Rezniqin, në përvjetorin e dytë pas vdekjes.

In remembrance of late Mustafa-Pasha (Asllan) Rezniqi, two years after his death.


In memoriam Hasan Rema Xërxa (1915-2011)

9 April 2012

Me rastin e njëvjetorit të vdekjes, e përkujtojmë Hasan Rema Xërxën, Shpëtimtar i madh i hebrenjve gjatë Holokaustit në Kosovë.

On the 1st anniversary of his death, we commemorate Hasan Rema Xërxa, a great Rescuer of Jews during the Holocaust in Kosova.











Hasan Rema Xërxa

President Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga received delegations of the K.I.F.A. “Dr. Haim Abravanel” and Jewish Community of Kosova

27 December 2011


President of the Republic of Kosova, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga received today a delegation of the Jewish Community of Kosova, led by Mr. Votim Demiri, head of the community and Kosova-Israeli Friendship Association “Dr. Haim Abravanel”, led by Vice-President, Mrs. Xhangyle Ilijazi. The meeting also attended Ms. Ines Qomo and Mr. Leke Rezniqi.


Presidentja Jahjaga pret delegacionin e SH.M.K.I. “Dr. Haim Abravanel” dhe të Bashkësisë Hebraike të Kosovës

27 December 2011
Presidentja e Republikës së Kosovës, zonja Atifete Jahjaga priti sot në takim një delegacion të Bashkësisë Hebraike të Kosovës, të prirë nga z.Votim Demiri, kryetar i bashkësisë, si dhe nga Shoqata e Miqësisë Kosovë-Izrael “Dr. Haim Abravanel”, shoqate e cila merret me hulumtimet mbi shpetimin e hebrenjve ne Kosove gjate Holokaustit, i prire nga znj. Xhangyle Ilijazi. Ne takim moren pjese edhe znj. Ines Qomo dhe z. Leke Rezniqi.

Albanci sa Kosova – zaštitnici Jevreja

9 December 2011
Priznanje Arsllanu Rezniqiju uručeno za pomoć Jevrejima

Oštre osude skrnavljenja Jevrejskog groblja u Prištini

9 December 2011
Jevrejsko groblje u Prištini oskrnavile su za sada nepoznate osobe, koje su po njemu nacrtale nacističke simbole.
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