Joseph Dioguardi explained to Pope John Paul II the unique role of Albanian Nation about saving Jews

Joseph Dioguardi meeting Pope John Paul II.



October 1997.

At the Civic League’s request, Congressmen Lantos and Gilman write a forward to Rescue in Albania by Harvey Sarner. The League begins distribution of 10,000 copies to demonstrate the courage and tollerance of the Albanian people who saved all the Jews in Albania from Nazis in World War II. Here DioGuardi presents a copy to Pope John Paul II at an audience in Rome.

Albania was the only European country occupied by the Axis powers of World War II that ended World War II with a larger Jewish population than before the War. Furthermore, Israel has been one of the richest countries to receive Kosovar Albanians refugees from Kosovo War in 1999. Many refugees were provided medical care, food and accommodation by the Israeli authorities,as a gesture of thanks to the Albanian people after their contribution to the saving of Jews in the Holocaust period.


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